About Jo Machado

Jo's first darkroom was built by her Dad in the basement when she was 14 and immediately she knew what brought her joy. Observe, photograph, and print is the assignment that gave endless satisfaction. The practice developed a quick finger, a sympathetic eye, and a singular point of view. Happy to know exactly what she wanted, Jo headed to Chicago and said good bye to the little darkroom under the stairs. Now a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a B.F.A. in photojournalism, a teacher in a lovely Montessori school, Jo continues to enjoy finding fast fleeting moments that deserve another look.

Jo's work has been seen in the Chicago Cultural Center, Mars Gallery, Alfonsa Burcheri Gallery, and Gallery 312.

Jo Machado has worked on documentaries, commercial table tops, weddings, and portraiture. Her current focus is on Fine Art utilizing low tech-cameras such as pinhole and toy cameras allowing for unpredictable images and rich prints.